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Author Topic: Actual Songwriting Credits of Q2k  (Read 1527 times)

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Actual Songwriting Credits of Q2k
« on: January 24, 2013, 07:22:58 AM »

Back in June 2001, I sat down with Kelly Gray (and his buddy and bandmate in Slave to the System, Scotty Heard) and interviewed him about his time with the band. One of the questions I asked him was who really wrote the song "Falling Down," which led to the discussion of who really wrote the songs on Q2k, given that credit has been assigned to all members.

Here is what I can remember from that discussion:

Falling Down - Gray/Wilton/Tate (the riff was Michael's as was the idea for the trade off solo)
Sacred Ground - Gray/Rockenfield/Tate
One Life - Gray/Tate
When the Rain Comes - Tate/Wilton
Beside You - Gray/Tate
How Could I? - Gray/Tate
Liquid Sky - Gray/Rockenfield/Tate
Breakdown  - Gray/Rockenfield/Tate
Burning Man - Gray/Rockenfield/Tate/Wilton
Wot Kinda Man - Gray/Tate
Right Side of My Mind - Gray/Tate/Wilton

B-Sides worked on and mentioned pre-2001, but not released until later:

Until There Was You - Gray/Tate
Howl - (unknown)


Discipline - (unknown) >>>>Kelly said this song had a very Queensryche-ish feeling to it.

Monologue - Jackson/Tate  >>>Kelly mentioned this song had a "punkish" vibe to it.

>>>>>The credit listings are from memory. But this is not speculation. It is as close to fact as we can probably get. If there is an error, it may likely be I have one too many Rockenfield credits in there and Jackson should be in his place. But that should be the only discrepancy (I wanna say Breakdown wasn't Rockenfield, but I'm not sure).

And again, my source for all this is an interview between Kelly Gray and myself in June 2001.

It's not spot-on perfect, but it's pretty close.
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