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April 22, 2021

A Word About the Upcoming Queensryche Biography

By Brian Heaton

NW Metalworx Music will publish Building An Empire: The Story of Queensryche, the first biography on the band, later this year. I'm honored and proud to be a co-writer (along with James R. Beach and Brian L. Naron) on this book, which will chronicle the group's 40-year history.

In anticipation of pre-orders later this summer, we launched a Facebook page earlier this month to interact with Queensryche fans and connect with potential readers. One of the early questions we received was whether the biography will dish dirt on the band. In short, the answer is a resounding “NO” and I wanted to explain just what to expect when you crack the cover this fall.

Building An Empire: The Story of Queensryche is a celebration of a band that has persevered over numerous obstacles to achieve worldwide success and acclaim. From the group's humble beginnings in the suburbs of Seattle to the pinnacle of commercial fame with Empire, and now the band's rebirth as a metal band, we cover everything about Queensryche. Our aim, however, is to do it with class and integrity.

One of the things the three of us were absolutely in lockstep on when discussing the book was to tell the whole story of Queensryche without passing judgment on it. That's for the readers to do, not us. Sure, we're fans and have our own opinions, but we've worked diligently to eliminate those biases from the narrative. Every band has drama. Queensryche's is acknowledged and discussed in this book from a factual standpoint. But opinion on that drama is up to you, the reader.

We started with one goal: to write something so detailed and nuanced that even the most devout fan of Queensryche would learn something new. At the same time, however, we have an eye on readability, so that the book can also be enjoyed by casual fans of the band who want to learn more about them. And we feel, particularly as we're wrapping up the final text of the book, that we have balanced those things very well. We're looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

All that said, an update on our progress is in order. As of this writing, we're about 98-99 percent done with the principal text on the project. We'll be finished with that stage by the end of this month. We've already decided on the front cover photo (which will be something from Queensryche's Empire era) and our graphic artist will begin working on cover designs shortly (hopefully we'll have something to share with everyone in the next month or so).

As we get into the summer, we'll be deciding on what photos will be going into each of the book's chapters. We'll also begin editing the text in May, tightening things up, moving things around, and making sure the story moves along at a good pace. In mid-to-late summer, expect pre-orders to be announced. We've had discussions about special editions, including a hardcover edition with special multimedia content. We're confident the book will be complete and out in the fall, well before the holiday season begins.

I can't stress enough how excited we are to bring this book to Queensryche fans around the world. The band has a rich and colorful history and we're eager to see it immortalized in print later this year. Thanks for your interest!

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