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Links & Resources


There are Queensr˙che fans, and then there are Queensr˙che collectors. Thomas Brogli's website is wholly dedicated to both, but with an emphasis on the latter. He catalogs every record, CD, shirt, promotional item, etc., that exists with the Queensr˙che name on it. If you have something Queensr˙che-related that you need identified, or simply want to dive into all the rarities the band has, look no further than Rycheitems.

Graham's Queensr˙che Tribute

While this site is no longer updated, I've always found it a really informative space over the years for tidbits on Queensr˙che that are either under-the-radar, or just plain interesting. It looks like it was last modified in 2008, but it has continued on for a decade now, so until it is removed, I'll leave it up here for folks to check out. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

Hugh Syme Studio

The online home to one of the most renowned artists Queensr˙che ever worked with. Visit the site and check out album imagery he has done for Queensr˙che, Rush, Fates Warning, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and many other bands over the years.

Focus on Metal

A great weekly podcast on all things hard rock and heavy metal. Based in New England, your hosts Richie and Scott Thompson are lifelong metalheads, and interview artists from across the landscape of metal, from the 1970s to today.

Dream Theater Forums

One of the last truly great music discussion forums around. While the main topic is the progressive metal band Dream Theater, the "Other Music" section is a great place to hang and talk about a ton of other great bands.

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