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April 20, 2022

As the Tri-Ryche Turns: The Latest on Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate, and Queensryche

By Brian Heaton

The first quarter of 2022 has been a busy one for the original members of Queensryche. Here's the most recent news roundup of their activities so far this year.

Former guitarist Chris DeGarmo has been busy helping his daughter Rylie with her project called Les Ailes. The group recently released a four-song EP, But I Love You, on April 1. The songs were written by Rylie and collaborators other than her father. But Chris was heavily involved, performing various instruments on the songs and producing/mixing some of the tracks. For those of you unaware, in addition to guitar, Chris can also play drums, bass, and synthesizers. Check it out here.

Original vocalist Geoff Tate has been a road warrior to start 2022. The singer has been performing all over Europe celebrating the 30th anniversary of Queensryche's Empire. Tate has played the album in its entirety along with an encore of hits from his former band. Of note, Tate recently started performing “Queen of the Reich” again, even going for the introductory high note and various higher parts throughout the song. Take a look at a clip here.

Tate has been enjoying about a month off, but he's due to hit the road again on April 28, in Germany. And from the looks of it, the singer will continue touring well into 2023. Interestingly, he's got a slate of dates booked as “The Best of Operation: Mindcrime and The Warning” in Europe, and a couple of one-off appearances with Avantasia, the metal opera project spearheaded by Tobias Sammet. Sammet said Tate will once again appear on Avantasia's next record, due out some time this year.

As for Eddie Jackson, Michael Wilton, and the current version of Queensryche, the band has spent the early part of 2022 recording its next album. Although no title and release date have been announced, it's rumored to be fully recorded and mixed and set to come out in in the fall. Queensryche was also on the road supporting Judas Priest, celebrating that band's 50th anniversary. Queensryche will be on the road sporadically from now through the summer, performing a variety of “fly-in” dates at casinos and events in the United States. I imagine a fall itinerary will be announced later this summer with dates in support of the band's next album.

Finally, regarding former drummer Scott Rockenfield...I haven't kept up with the lawsuit. He filed one against the current members of Queensryche, in what looked like a similar situation to when Tate sued his former bandmates back in 2012. I looked at the Complaint for this new lawsuit, and just stopped caring. What the status is on that, I have no idea. Rockenfield posts every so often on his Facebook page, taking his former bandmates to task and posting cool memories from the past. The latter is cool to see, and I hope he and the members of Queensryche can put the lawyers aside and celebrate everything they did together.

Brian Heaton is the founder of AnybodyListening.net, and co-author of Building An Empire: The Story of Queensryche, the band's first biography.

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