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"We reach out for the sky and we're never coming down." "The old world order is over." "Is the art of life discipline?"


Title: Tribe
Release Date: July 2003 (Sanctuary Records)
Produced by: Queensryche
Engineering: Scott Olsen
Mixed by: Adam Kasper


Open -- (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Desert Dance -- (DeGarmo/Rockenfield/Tate/Wilton)
Falling Behind -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
The Art of Life -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
Doin' Fine -- (DeGarmo/Tate)
**Justified -- (DeGarmo)

Key Tracks: The Art of Life, Desert Dance

* -- Because the entirety of Tribe did not feature the complete original lineup of Queensryche, we've spotlighted only the tracks from the record that had all five original members of the band involved. Completists can look up the entire CD online (there are some good songs), but for those only interested in checking out tracks by the full original lineup, simply download the above cuts from your digital source of choice.

** -- "Justified" was written and partially recorded during the Tribe sessions before Chris re-departed the band. It wasn't finished being recorded until 2007, and it appears on the deluxe edition of a multi-lineup greatest hits packaged titled Sign of the Times The Best of Queensryche. "Justified" was mixed by Terry Date of Soundgarden and Pantera fame.

Tribe-era Singles (confirmed as written and recorded by the original lineup):

Open (DeGarmo/Tate/Wilton)
Justified (DeGarmo)

Notes: As you can imagine, particularly given the details above, Tribe wasn't an easy record to make. Initially, Jackson, Rockenfield and Wilton began writing the music themselves. As they fleshed out songs, Tate allegedly disapproved of the overall direction and started seeking input from outside writers, including his members of his solo band and journeyman guitarist Mike Stone. As a result, Jackson, Rockenfield and Wilton became frustrated with Tate, leading to a public blow-up in summer 2002. A public reconciliation was made and as mentioned earlier, at some point Chris DeGarmo became aware of the music his former bandmates were writing and reached out to be a part of the process.

The music on Tribe adopts some of the trademark of the "nu-metal" style guitar riffs that were popular at the time, with some TOOL-esqe rhythms as well, particularly the lead single, "Open." Fans were critical of the distinct lack of traditional guitar solos on the songs, however, which was also a trend many bands followed during the early 2000s. Overall, the original lineup songs found on Tribe sound like a natural progression from 1997's Hear in the Now Frontier (the original band's last album together), with bigger production and darker, edgier guitars.

Lyrically, Tribe was Tate's observations of U.S. society in a post-911 world. While on his 2002 solo tour, Tate allegedly kept a journal that he turned into lyrical ideas for the record. Songs such as "Desert Dance," convey Tate's motorcycle rides through the wastelands, while "Falling Behind" questions why people of different faiths continue to clash. The only song lyrics not penned by Tate were the ones of "Justified," which were written by DeGarmo.

Interesting facts: As you can see in the image to the right, the track "Under My Skin" was initially listed on promotional copies of Tribe instead of "The Art of Life." "Under My Skin" was also listed as "U.M.S." on advance copies of the album. I can confirm, however, that although the track on the promo edition featured here, and the advance copies, despite the title, IS "The Art of Life." To date, it is unknown whether they are different songs, or if the tune initially had different lyrical content in the chorus which may have led to the modification of the song title.

In addition, pirated copies of Tribe had bonus tracks listed, including a cover of "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas. For the record, Queensryche is not the performer on that track, and has never covered the song.

2002-2003 Tribe Era Scrapbook

Aardschock (May 2003-pt.1)

Aardschock (May 2003-pt.2)

Aardschock (May 2003-pt.3)

Miscellaneous Scans

Tribe-Era Bio Sheet

Tribe Promo Poster

Tribe Promo Poster (B&W)

Tribe Marketing Sheet

Tribe-Era Trade Ad

Tribe Recording Session Photos

Geoff Tate in Studio 2003

Chris DeGarmo in Studio 2003

EJ & MW in Studio 2003

Scott Rockenfield in Studio 2003

Tribe Band Photos

Tribe Era Promo Shot 1

Tribe Era Promo Shot 2

Tribe Era Promo Shot 3

Tribe Era Promo Shot 4

Tribe Era Promo Shot 5

Tribe Era Promo Shot 6

Tribe Era Promo Shot 7

Tribe Era Promo Shot 8

Tribe Era Promo Shot 9

Tribe Era Promo Shot 10

Tribe Era DeGarmo 1

Tribe Era DeGarmo 2

Tribe Era DeGarmo 3

Tribe Era DeGarmo 4

Tribe Era DeGarmo 5

Tribe Era DeGarmo 6

Tribe Era Jackson 1

Tribe Era Jackson 2

Tribe Era Jackson 3

Tribe Era Jackson 4

Tribe Era Jackson 5

Tribe Era Tate 1

Tribe Era Tate 2

Tribe Era Tate 3

Tribe Era Tate 4

Tribe Era Tate 5

Tribe Era Wilton 1

Tribe Era Wilton 2

Tribe Era Wilton 3

Tribe Era Wilton 4

Tribe Era Wilton 5

Tribe Era Rockenfield 1

Tribe Era Rockenfield 2

Tribe Era Rockenfield 3

Tribe Era Rockenfield 4

Tribe Era Rockenfield 5

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